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Content Preparation

I have already written about the importance of content writing and what we need to pay attention to when writing articles in previous chapters.

Content Preparation

What to Pay Attention to When Writing Articles?

Are you selling sneakers, televisions, garden furniture, or cosmetics and struggling to make it to the first search pages on Google?

However, mastering the theoretical foundation often gets stuck in practice, especially at the beginning when thinking about what to write. Once you find a suitable topic, you rethink the impact your article will have on search engines like Google.

The website must carry a story that attracts and retains visitors, stimulates them to take action, make a call, or submit an inquiry. You can prepare the texts yourself, consult with marketing strategists, or have them created by professionally knowledgeable copywriters.

Consider the following key tips for easier composition of web content:

1. Keywords

Every business, activity, website, or online store has a set of keywords that best describe its key activities or products. These are words that online visitors associate with your store and help them find you on the internet.

To discover which keywords online visitors frequently search for on Google, use the Google Keyword Planner tool, which can be found within Adwords.

In the Keyword Planner, check the monthly search volume for a specific keyword and related terms and phrases.


The higher the number of searches for a specific keyword on Google, the greater the potential for clicks. However, it's essential to check the competition, i.e., other pages that are already optimizing for the chosen keyword. Sometimes it's better to find longer-tail keywords with less competition and optimize content for them.

2. Google Autocomplete

You can also get ideas for relevant keywords using the Google Autocomplete feature. Type a keyword into Google, and Autocomplete will suggest the most popular one at that moment.

google autocomplete

In this example, we learn the following:

A frequently searched phrase related to clothing is "maternity clothes." This keyword or phrase serves as the basis for writing articles on various topics: maternity clothes made of cotton, maternity clothes – how to hide the belly in the first months, maternity clothes – is it really necessary to spend money?

3. Google – Related Search

You can also find writing ideas at the bottom of the first search page on Google. Google suggests words and phrases related to your keyword.

google related search

4. Visit Forums

Forums can be a treasure trove of writing ideas. People ask many questions that might seem funny to you because you are an expert in your industry. However, when we know a lot about our industry, we sometimes forget that our potential customers are complete novices.

Example: If a forum frequently has the question "What to wear for an interview?", write an article on this topic and link it to articles from your store.

Still out of ideas? Check the competition, explore thematically related portals, analyze their content, and find inspiration for your site.

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