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Analysis of existing web pages

Identify where you're making mistakes and rectify them. Allow us to propel your website forward. Be adaptable and constantly seek ways to become better. We can assist you in this endeavor.

Analysis of existing web pages

Analyzing Your Existing Page Will Reveal Your Shortcomings for Rectification

Due to our deep understanding of the online business, we recognize the necessity of adhering to specific rules and regulations that evolve daily. Your online enterprise can become outdated within a year or two, so do not rest on the laurels of past success; instead, always strive for more.

With our assistance, you'll identify and address your shortcomings.

web page analysis
increasing website sales

Enhance Sales with Analysis

The most common issues with existing websites lie in speed and optimization. By addressing these two issues, you'll experience a complete revitalization in a short period. Web users demand instant responsiveness, making swift content loading essential. Don't lose sales due to sluggishness. Improved optimization will make you more visible, helping your target customers find you faster.

The goal is increased sales – with us, you can achieve it effortlessly!

Enhance the User Experience!

Strive for an excellent user experience on your path to success. Satisfied customers will gladly commend your website and recommend it further, building your recognition and search engine prominence.

improving user experience
increasing website traffic

Decreased Visits and Traffic?

We identify and resolve the causes for you. As web experts, we know a trick or two that can solve many problems leading to decreased visitor count and subsequently deteriorated sales.

An Analysis of Your Existing Website Pays Off Because:

  • It reveals where you're making mistakes, so you can rectify them.
  • You'll advance in recognition.
  • The user experience will improve.
  • Nothing is so good that it couldn't be made even better.
website analysis

Stop browsing. Start selling. Contact me now at anze@degriz.net.

My name is Anže, and I am a Magento certified expert in solutions and a creator of multiple award-winning online stores.

I am the architect behind all Degriz projects. You will surely come across me if we collaborate. Even though the phone keeps ringing, you can always tap me on the shoulder if you need advice regarding online stores and their functioning.

I specialize in building custom online stores and I am a master of unique techniques to enhance conversion on your website.

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