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Blogs can be a valuable source of attracting visitors interested in your blog content, often leading them to visit your website.


With interesting blog posts, you can engage your visitors and indirectly promote your products. However, it's essential to ensure that the content doesn't come across as overly commercial, as this could deter customers and diminish the credibility of your posts. Some might assume that the written content is misleading to boost product sales.

blog in an online store

You can directly integrate a blog into your online store. By doing so, you can highlight the latest blog posts on your homepage, making it more appealing. This refreshes the appearance of your homepage and the entire store, demonstrating to visitors that it's a lively place where they can always find something new and valuable. 

If you decide to integrate a blog into your online store, keep it regularly updated with relevant content and new posts. Gaps between posts could lead visitors to assume that the online store is no longer active.

Practical Use of a Blog

When I had my online store, I realized that the number of customers coming to the store using product-related keywords was very low. 

As a result, we decided to integrate a blog into the store and publish articles related to the products we sold on a weekly basis. For example, if we were selling teeth whitening products, we wrote an article about the impact of teeth discoloration on self-confidence or provided some tips on comprehensive oral hygiene. We published the article on our blog and, in the following months, attracted a significant amount of visitors using keywords like "teeth brushing" or "teeth whitening" and similar terms. This increased our organic traffic, converted some visitors into customers, had others subscribe to our newsletters, and we added the rest to our segmented advertising groups for further communication via remarketing tools. 

We also used parts of the articles in email marketing, which was sent out at the beginning of each week to our subscribers. This resulted in far fewer unsubscribes compared to when we only promoted new and discounted products. We applied a similar approach to social media posts, driving additional traffic to the website. Useful articles are usually more shareable on social networks because they don't come across as directly commercial but provide added value to the visitor. As a result, these social media posts were more frequently shared among the visitor's friends and typically had a higher reach, positively impacting the website.

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