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Ideas to improve conversion

Already using conventional channels such as Google Ads, Facebook, email marketing, and optimization, but looking to further improve the conversion rate of your online store?

Ideas to improve conversion

We highlight seven ways that can help you achieve these goals:

1. Dynamic Re-marketing

Convincing someone who already knows you to make a purchase is much easier than convincing someone who has never heard of you. I am confident that there is no (successful) online store without established re-marketing. For successful re-marketing, a general ad is not enough; it must be as relevant as possible to the buyer. Dynamic ads allow the display of exactly those items that visitors have already viewed or left in the cart but did not purchase. 

dynamic remarketing

Example of dynamic marketing using Facebook Dynamic Ads

2. Video Content

In an era saturated with information from all sides, it's challenging to find a way to become noticeable. Even when scrolling through online posts, we won't need much time to come across some video content. According to analyses, video content has a 135% better organic reach than photo posts, so take advantage of the opportunity to present your items through video content. Be sure to always upload such content directly to video platforms, as you will have a much better reach than by sharing a link to video content from your website.

3. Product Photos

High-quality photos are a prerequisite for presenting a product well today. However, even with excellent photos, you won't stand out. Ensure that your items are enriched with additional photos – add photos of items in various environments, during use, in combination with other items, etc. Ask your customers to send you photos with the items they purchased in your online store. It's a simple approach that shows potential buyers that many customers have already decided to make a purchase, and the item is worth buying.

4. Automated Email for Abandoned Cart

It is essential to quickly investigate and address the reasons why visitors are leaving your online store without completing a purchase. The reasons can be numerous, but we often overlook entirely ordinary ones – perhaps the visitor did not complete the purchase because a crying child or an unexpected visit from the boss disturbed them. I suggest establishing an automated system that prompts the visitor to complete the purchase. According to analyses, three consecutive email messages work best (30 minutes, 24 hours, and 48 hours after the abandoned cart). In the content of the email, offer some additional benefits to convince the visitor to complete the purchase.

automated email

5. Content Related to Items

Are you selling mattresses and don't know how to attract new customers? Create an article with tips for better sleep. Are you selling natural cosmetics? Educate visitors about the benefits of natural cosmetics and add links in the article to items from the natural cosmetics category offered in your online store. If your online store allows adding items under the article, do so. There is a much greater chance that you will turn a visitor into a customer by providing them with additional knowledge. Articles are undoubtedly excellent content for sharing on social networks as well.

6. SMS Marketing

Many people delete unread email messages, which certainly does not apply to SMS messages.       If you have phone numbers of customers, send them SMS messages about promotions and benefits you have prepared. However, do not overdo it with SMS messages (once a month will be sufficient), and always provide the option to unsubscribe.

7. Push Notifications

Push or push notifications are short notices that we (usually unknowingly) confirm with a visit to websites. We then receive notifications on our mobile phones, computers, or tablets, depending on the device we have logged in on. Push notifications can deter many merchants, as they are too intrusive for visitors. With the right content selection, these notifications can become an excellent tool for reminding visitors of you all the time and gradually turning them into customers.

online store conversion

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