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Magento Store Development Service

We have been professionally engaged in creating Magento online stores for over 10 years, with more than 150 Magento online stores under our belt. We are confident that you won't need anyone else, as we take care of everything.

Absolutely everything.

Magento Store Development Service

Platform Suitable for Various Online Retailers

As an open-source platform, developers can customize the platform as needed. You can adjust the appearance and functionality of the store in the background and realize all your ideas and fulfill all requirements.

If your website needs a complete makeover, rest assured that the flexibility offered by Magento can make it happen.

Custom Magento E-commerce Store Development
Custom Magento E-commerce Store Development

Multi-Store Possibilities

Magento is one of the few platforms that allows you to have multiple stores on a single system (administration). This allows you to have multiple languages on one system and even completely different stores with different domains, products, and designs.

Everything is easily managed through a single administration, saving you a lot of time and money.

We've developed many stores with multiple stores in one system. The largest has more than 50 stores in a single administration.

Vast Array of Pre-Developed Solutions

The entire Magento community is quite extensive, so there are numerous developers and pre-built extensions. These come in handy when we need additional functionality and don't want to invest significant amounts in development or simply don't have time to wait for development.

We've developed many modules ourselves to expand Magento store functionalities. You can see some of these using our quick assistant to the online store here.

Custom Magento E-commerce Store Development
Custom Magento E-commerce Store Development

Advanced Functionalities

Looking for a system that offers integration with accounting, installment payments, push and SMS notifications, and much more? Many platforms struggle to meet all demands, but I believe that Magento won't have these limitations*.

Worries about managing a larger number of products are unnecessary, as clients have more than 100,000 codes and even process more than a few thousand orders daily without issues on Magento stores.

Custom Magento E-commerce Store Development

Open System

Magento has gained worldwide popularity due to being an open-source platform.

Because of this, the platform can be adapted and changed to fit your store's requirements. Thanks to its openness, there are also numerous developers available, so if you're not satisfied with yours, you can always switch.

Need more reasons to trust us for your online store development?
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Magento is now known as Adobe Commerce. The logo and images are the property of Adobe. More information on the official site.
Also, the Degriz.net website is developed on this platform, showcasing the flexibility. ;)
* All desires can be satisfied on Magento, although more complex desires usually require more resources since they often take considerable development time.

Stop browsing. Start selling. Contact me now at anze@degriz.net.

My name is Anže, and I am a Magento certified expert in solutions and a creator of multiple award-winning online stores.

I am the architect behind all Degriz projects. You will surely come across me if we collaborate. Even though the phone keeps ringing, you can always tap me on the shoulder if you need advice regarding online stores and their functioning.

I specialize in building custom online stores and I am a master of unique techniques to enhance conversion on your website.

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