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Video Content

More and more online stores are complementing traditional product presentations with text and images with video presentations.

Video Content

Video content allows for a better and more precise presentation of the product, while also offering a more comfortable user experience to visitors who do not want to read dry texts and descriptions.

Video presentations posted on the online store can have other advantages as well. One of them is the traffic you gain specifically from video content. Search engines (e.g., Google) provide suggestions for videos and other visual content alongside traditional website search results. So, if you have your own video presentation at that location, you can attract numerous new visitors to your online store through this channel.

video online store

Before publishing video content, it's a good idea to consider where it will be hosted, as it can significantly strain your servers. The best solution for hosting video content is on platforms (e.g., YouTube). You can upload video content to the platform, add descriptions for search engines, and a link to your online store. Then, you can embed the video content (via i-Frame) on your product or another page (e.g., blog). This way, you can get some additional traffic through the YouTube platform, without burdening your web servers, and the video player works seamlessly on various devices, so you don't need to update technologies.

In addition to the above, video content also allows for easy sharing on social networks. With a creative approach to creating video content, you can ensure good virality and attract many visitors to your online store.

If your products are more complex in nature and you want to highlight their key features, video presentation is almost a requirement in today's virtual world. Zappos is considered an example of a significant increase in conversion rates through video product presentations, so this online mogul decided to invest in creating video clips for their entire product catalog. Their video addition strategy increased conversions from 6% to 30%.

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