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Wide Range of Products Without Descriptive Content

When adding a large number of products for sale through imports from external sources.

Wide Range of Products Without Descriptive Content

When adding a large number of products for sale through imports from external sources and you don't have descriptions for the products, you usually have only basic information available: title, prices, stock, and a few basic product attributes. When dealing with a large volume of products (several thousand items), manually entering descriptions would be extensive and expensive. For example, if you have 1,000 products and need five minutes to describe each one, and you need to manage two languages, this approach would take 10,000 minutes, which is more than a month of work for one person.

If you're short on time, you may decide to publish products without custom descriptions, relying solely on the acquired data. This way, you could start selling immediately, but the products wouldn't be well presented, likely not realizing their full sales potential. Additionally, such product listings could cause optimization issues, as search engines (e.g., Google) may mark the content as duplicate, potentially leading to lower search engine rankings.

To avoid these issues, you can simplify things by implementing a system for conditional display of descriptions based on the product's attributes. For example, if the product has information about the type of tire (e.g., winter), you can expand the description to state that the tire is suitable for driving in winter conditions when the road is icy, as it has a larger tread pattern and better grip than summer tires. This description can be displayed for all products with the same type of tire. You can do the same for other product values, such as summer and all-season tires and other attributes (e.g., tire noise level, brand, etc.). You can also optionally vary the sentences or words to make the entire text more dynamic and appealing to both visitors and search engines.

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