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Presentation Pages

Presentation pages encompass content that introduces your store, you as a seller, and includes all information about the company as well as the privacy policy.

Presentation Pages

Presentation is especially important when establishing new online stores that visitors are not yet familiar with, as through these pages, visitors get to know you and create a sense of credibility for the store.

Company Presentation Page

The company presentation page should not only include boring information about the location and contacts of the company, but also your story, work, and vision. Try to highlight yourself a bit and present your story of how the store came into being and reveal the decision to open an online store. In doing so, you can emphasize your goals, which you aspire to, and the reasons why you communicate that your store is different from other online stores. Visitors identify more personally with the page when they learn who is responsible for the store and how they will be taken care of during shopping. The fact is that many still prefer to buy items directly from the provider rather than from faceless corporate systems.

presentation on the website

Do not hesitate to add your photos in the workplace, present your warehouse or production if you manufacture items yourself. This way, visitors can identify with you more quickly and trust you more, especially believing in your story, as such photos also personally expose you to the wider public.

Prepare your story with the help of the following steps:

  • Present the state that convinced you as a user to start selling the product or service,
  • Specify the challenges you faced before introducing the product or service,
  • Provide reasons for choosing the items or services you offer and solutions for them,
  • Have a long-term strategy and goals for overcoming obstacles, as you must constantly evolve, and not all problems are solvable.

Elements you can use for presentation:

  • Present your online store, solutions you offer, and the reason for your operation,
  • Detail yourself and your team with personal statements, descriptions, and photos,
  • Add achievements and acquired certificates, enrich them with customer reviews or media publications,
  • Present your social networks, your customers, and invite visitors to join you.

Presentation of the purchase process, items, and store

In addition to presenting the store, it is necessary to add a proper presentation of the store's operation, which includes:

General terms and conditions of online store operation - these are important as they represent the terms of operation with the online store and include information on delivery methods, returns, purchasing responsibility, and the like.  

Purchase process - the purchase process should be included in the terms of operation so that the buyer can imagine the entire process from ordering the item to delivery to their address. Due to visitors with limited knowledge of using web technologies, it is advisable to present the process as graphically, clearly, and understandably as possible.

Return process of products - if you have a good product return system, you can avoid many return-related issues and, at the same time, provide new customers with special assurance regarding the acceptance of returns and describe the process by which they will be handled. A specified and managed return process allows you to greatly facilitate the handling of returns, maintain customer satisfaction, and avoid abuse by customers who want to return items in an inappropriate condition.

Privacy protection - with this element, provide the customer with an appropriate way to protect personal data and inform them about the type, method, storage, and access to the data used.

Frequently Asked Questions - with pre-offered answers to the most common questions, you make it easier for customers to send extensive messages, and the customer can obtain more information about the process on the page in advance.

Presentation of brands and individual categories - this element is important for a better understanding of brand items, individual categories of items, etc. It is advisable to prepare special presentations for all non-experts, thus better presenting the entire story, functionalities, and other advantages you offer.

Presentation of physical stores - often, owners of online stores also own physical stores. For the mutual synergy of physical and online stores, it is advisable to present the physical location and further promote visits. This is important information for customers who want to see items in person or try them before purchasing.

There can be more such pages, depending on the store and the company's needs. Additionally, you can include a page for job seekers, potential investors, social responsibility, and the like.

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