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Languages of the Online Store

The more language versions we have, the larger the market we can cover with the online store.

Languages of the Online Store

Every online store wants to reach a wider audience of customers, so you must ensure that customers have access to multiple language versions of the online store, which can cover various language groups. However, you should be aware that adding additional languages can involve a lot of work in terms of translating descriptions of all products, elements of the online store, and individual subpages (terms and conditions, etc.). It's crucial to initially set up your online store in one language and then gradually add other languages. During the initial setup, you may encounter limitations or have better ideas for the display, which could require changes, removals, or additions of text.

When adding a new language, you should also pay attention to the proper organization of the page so that search engines can correctly understand the new language. Modern e-commerce systems allow for various domains within the same online store or the use of unique URL paths for each additional language to differentiate between language versions.

Once you have separate pages and the website is organized in different languages, you must adapt the content of the website to each language version. This means highlighting different products and categories and appropriately rephrasing existing texts. For example, due to the different seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres, an online shoe store would find it challenging to sell the same shoes to Italians and Swedes at the same time of year. Additionally, delivery costs may vary in more distant countries, so you need to display delivery information differently and activate different promotions. The seasonality of products is influenced by various factors, such as demographics, customs, and habits, in addition to the time of year.

languages of the online store

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