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E-commerce Development

We have been professionally engaged in creating online stores for several years, and we have already completed over 150 online stores. We are confident that you won't need anyone else, as we take care of everything.

Absolutely everything.

E-commerce Development

Complete Flexibility in Functionality and Appearance of the Online Store

Due to its modular and scalable design, Magento is suitable for both small online stores with only a few products and large stores with tens of thousands of products.

We do everything to fulfill your desires and are confident that we can implement anything you imagine.

Customized Web Store Development
Scalable Online Store

Expandable with 40+ Custom Options and More from Third Parties

The Magento system is used by more than 250,000 merchants, and there are thousands of developers available. The selection of pre-made additional options is extensive. Furthermore, we have been developing our own modules for many years, giving you a wide range of expansion possibilities.

Easy Editing and Education

We customize the entire web store creation system so that you can edit all the main store settings at any time through the administration panel without needing any additional assistance.

To make store editing even easier, we provide live training sessions, a collection of instructions in Slovenian language (35 pages), and educational video recordings for our clients.

Magento Web Store
Web Store of the Year

Experiences with Satisfied Users

We have already created more than 150 web stores and through these projects, we have tested numerous variations to gather data on the most effective strategies that generate the highest number of orders and satisfied users. Did we mention that our graphic designer has worked for leading global brands and that we can proudly claim to have created the Web Store of the Year?

No Hidden Costs and Risks

Because we are extremely confident in our work, we provide full access to the store to every client, allowing them to transfer the project to someone else if they are not satisfied with our services. With more than 4,000 website developers available, we believe we are the right choice for you.

When ordering the development of a web store, you only pay a one-time development fee and are not obligated to additional maintenance and other costs.

Web Store Pricing
Web Store Sales

Firsthand Sales Experience

Would you trust someone to develop your web store if they have never sold a single item through one themselves? With our extensive past projects, which have generated over 200 orders daily and accumulated more than 10,000 different customers in just one year (in Slovenia alone), we can confidently say that there are ample opportunities for success.

Our sales experience has provided us with valuable insights, enabling us to guide you through every step of online sales, from finding suppliers to packaging your products.

Need more reasons to trust us for Magento web store development?
Read more about Magento system possibilities here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of creating an online store?

The price of creating an online store depends on your preferences. Based on them, functionalities and appearance are defined. Then, a suitable platform for development and the associated costs can be assessed. We've created a quick assistant to guide you through the process of creating a store, where you can use a form to generate an offer and view all functionalities and their prices. Create your online store offer here.

How long does it take to create an online store?

The duration of the development process depends largely on the desired functionality and appearance of the store. This is why we discuss requirements and needs before starting the development. In cases where the client is in a hurry and needs something simple, it's possible to establish sales within a day, but otherwise, on average, it takes about one (1) month from the initial meeting to the store being set up. You should be aware that even after the store is set up, content needs to be organized and tested, which can take a considerable amount of time.

Is Magento a suitable e-commerce platform for my business?

The biggest advantage of the Magento platform is the wide range of functionalities it offers, although the system also has its limitations. The easiest way to determine if the platform is suitable for you is to write to us or give us a call, and we can suggest a suitable platform for your needs. It happens that a different system might be more suitable for someone.

Is it possible to adapt the online store to local markets?

Yes, our online store allows complete customization for local markets. The system enables you to create an individualized, tailored store on the same platform, but with different domains, currencies, prices, content, displays, and other settings. This ensures that your store can effectively adapt to the needs of various local markets, enhancing both sales and user experience.

Is mobile optimization important for the success of an online store?

Yes, mobile optimization is crucial for the success of an online store. In addition to a customized appearance for mobile devices, fast page loading is extremely important. A mobile-friendly store not only enhances the user experience but also positively influences search engine rankings. Fast loading reduces the bounce rate and increases the chances of converting visitors into customers.

How to choose the optimal e-commerce platform?

Choosing the optimal e-commerce platform is crucial for the success of your online store. When deciding, consider factors such as the scale of your business, the type of products you sell, your technical requirements, and budget.

It is advisable to think about platforms that allow easy content management and customization, have robust security measures, support various payment options, and offer mobile optimization.

If you are unsure which platform would be most suitable for your needs, we are here to help. Our team of experts can provide advice and present objective options, even if we do not offer services on a specific platform. Contact us, and together we will find the optimal solution for your online store.

Do you also offer advice regarding online presence?

Of course! We also offer expert advice on your online presence. Your success is important to us, so we invite you to share what you sell and your desires and goals with us. We provide a free one-hour consultation where we will help you shape a successful online strategy with professional insights.

This consultation is not limited to new projects only. Even existing online stores can gain valuable suggestions for improving functionality, optimizing user experience, and increasing sales. Together, we will work on strengthening your online presence and achieving your set goals. Contact us and take advantage of a free hour of expert advice.

Stop browsing. Start selling. Contact me now at anze@degriz.net.

My name is Anže, and I am a Magento certified expert in solutions and a creator of multiple award-winning online stores.

I am the architect behind all Degriz projects. You will surely come across me if we collaborate. Even though the phone keeps ringing, you can always tap me on the shoulder if you need advice regarding online stores and their functioning.

I specialize in building custom online stores and I am a master of unique techniques to enhance conversion on your website.

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