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Tricks for Reaching a Better Audience

Facebook, as well as all major social networks, aim to show users what they like.

Tricks for Reaching a Better Audience

The selection of content is based on Facebook's algorithm, which can be utilized to your advantage by incorporating and following the tricks listed below:

Post What Followers Like

Often, we fall into the trap of posting only what we want followers to see. Create content that your followers like, but only to the extent that they will gladly share it. Always respond to comments and give them likes. This shows followers that you appreciate their following, and it gives them a sense that there is a real person behind the responses.

Diversify Your Posts

Don't repeat the same type of posts (daily thoughts for a beautiful day or daily product introductions). Try as many different types of posts as possible – posts that encourage comments, contests, free e-book downloads, team events, sales posts. Regularly monitor what worked in the past and retain what works.

Ask a Question

Asking questions is an excellent way to establish a dialogue with followers and the easiest way to get a response to posts. There are several types of questions you can ask. They are presented in the example below.

social posts

Every Post Should Have a Purpose

Before posting content on social media, always ask yourself what you want to achieve with it (high number of likes, shares, comments, clicks, downloads, etc.). Each post should include a call to action phrase. Example: "Click like if your favorite day is Friday."

Be Persistent

Posting irregularly and hoping that they will garner excitement is not the best tactic. Be persistent and consistent. The social network will recognize this and reward you. Better to have one post a day than irregular posts on weekends (or only when "something is happening"). Facebook can greatly assist you with the scheduling feature, allowing you to prepare posts in advance.

post scheduling

Choose the Right Time

The average lifespan of a Facebook post is between two and three hours (except in the case of an excellent response – then Facebook shows it longer), so choose a time when your followers are most active on Facebook. Go to the Insights tab and click on Posts to see when your followers are most active. From experience, the best posts are between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. and between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. (even later in the summer).

Be Current

Followers appreciate authenticity and timeliness. Use current photos (team building of your team, a photo of the sunset, etc.), contributed by all team members. Use video content – for better reach, be sure to upload them to the social network and not just as a link to YouTube. You can also achieve excellent reach by live streaming.

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