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Tips for Better Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is targeted advertising that allows for easier reach of the target audience.

Tips for Better Facebook Ads

Your target audience can be determined based on numerous different specifications, allowing for the precise definition of the people who will see your ads. Additionally, you can specify the age, gender, and location of your target audience to whom the ads will be displayed, along with many other parameters. 

Take, for example, the aforementioned online store for healthy food, where 10% of monthly revenues were allocated to Facebook advertising, resulting in up to 40% of monthly sales/revenue and increasing website visits by approximately 45%. Tips for effective Facebook advertising include the following: 

1. Before creating Facebook ads, outline the goals you want to achieve with each ad. This store uses three different goals, each corresponding to three different types of Facebook ads:

  • Ads with the goal of attracting visitors to the website and gaining contacts (advertising contests, free e-books with recipes and tips for a healthy lifestyle, etc.),
  • Ads with the goal of completed purchases (sales ads or ads containing promotional actions), and
  • Ads with the goal of gaining new Facebook likes.

2. Who is your Facebook ad targeting? You must have precise data about your potential customers (age, gender, location). 

Example: Women from Slovenia, aged between 22 and 55. They usually display ads to four different groups of people:

  • Everyone who liked their Facebook page (connections - include people who are connected to),
  • Groups of people filtered by interests,
  • RE-TARGETING: Everyone who has visited their online store (ad manager - audiences - create audience - custom audience - website traffic),
  • RE-MARKETING: Everyone whose email addresses they have (ad manager - audiences - create audience - custom audience - customer list).

Generally, more effective are ads displayed to a smaller, precisely defined group of people, for example, all women aged between 25 and 55 who have visited your website in the last three months.

3. Determining the payment method for displaying Facebook ads: The store optimizes payment per click (you can also set a maximum price you are willing to pay per click) or per conversion (for advertising to a precisely defined smaller group of up to 10,000 people - re-targeting).

4. Content of Facebook ad: Striking photos with people, a title, and the advantage of the promotion have proven to be the most successful for Facebook sales content, along with a call to action and as little text as possible.  

5. To monitor sales results and statistics through Facebook ads, don't forget to set up the Conversion Tracking Pixel for Checkouts. You can do this in the ad manager - conversion tracking - create pixel - category checkouts. Copy the code you receive into your website's code.

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