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Product comparison

Product comparison enables users to compare the features of items, making it easier for them to make a purchase decision. This is especially relevant in stores with a wide range of items that have similar functionalities.

Product comparison

Product comparison allows users to compare the features of items, making it easier for them to decide on a purchase. This is particularly relevant in stores with a wide range of items with similar functionalities. Unfortunately, online stores do not have advisors to provide users with information about the differences between items and their features, so the product comparison feature serves as a substitute for this assistance. When visitors to the site add items to the comparison, they are presented with a table that lists the added items on one side and their functionalities or characteristics on the other.

product comparison online store

Product comparison may not be suitable for all types of stores, as it would be challenging to compare items from fashion stores with clothing because the differences between types of white T-shirts with prints are only visual, and from a functional perspective, the items are the same. Product comparison is much more effective for technical items, such as electronics. With these items, due to the wide range of different functionalities available, it is difficult to identify differences without a comparison list. Typical examples of such items are mobile phones. Every year, several new models of mobile phones from different manufacturers are released, which differ only in minor similarities and appearance, and they introduce more new unknown functionalities and options for use each year.

You can improve the selection from the comparison list by visually highlighting specific areas where some items are superior to comparable items. You can do this by providing a quick overview of the compared items, showing items with the most functionalities. More on this in the next section on filtering.

product comparison

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