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Phases of the Purchase Process

Online business does not allow for personal interaction with customers, so it is crucial to try to develop the best possible user experience throughout the entire purchase process, gaining the trust of customers.

Phases of the Purchase Process

Good user experience can be developed through all four phases of the purchase process – through the stimulation phase, research phase, purchase phase, and especially through the post-purchase phase.

1. Stimulation Phase: In the first phase, our goal is to bring customers to our website or obtain their contact – email address. This involves both online and offline advertising, communication on social networks, free e-books, e-counseling, and e-webinars. One of the better ways to collect contacts is by organizing a viral contest. It is important that the prizes are within the capabilities of our products and services to gain the most relevant contacts, not just prize hunters' contacts.

2. Research Phase: In the second phase, our goal is to keep the customer on our website. It is important to have a credible and aesthetically pleasing sales landing page with key information, especially contact details, frequently asked questions, customer reviews, a search engine, the company or brand story, etc. Additionally, it is crucial to provide detailed descriptions of products and services, accompanied by video presentations or visual material.

3. Purchase Phase: In the third phase, the customer is close to making a purchase decision. In this phase, clear and visible information about costs, delivery times, delivery services, guarantees, payment options, and stock availability is crucial. The checkout process should be as simple as possible. Extra discounts and gifts can further encourage customers to make a purchase.

4. Post-Purchase Phase: The last, fourth phase, is often overlooked by many companies since their goal (completed purchase) has already been achieved. It is important to deliver the package to the customer in suitable packaging and within the agreed timeframe, with the option to track the expected delivery date. Finally, ask the customer for feedback on their user experience. In this phase, continue the entire process with email marketing and remarketing.

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