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Blogging for Your Online Store

Blogging for Your Online Store

If you enjoy writing and have an online store, why not use your writing to drive additional traffic to your online store and increase purchases? Typically, before deciding to buy a particular item, people like to read about what they are buying, how they will use the product, and if possible, get firsthand opinions about the product, right?

By incorporating a blog into your online store, you can meet this need of visitors and keep them on your site. Visitors who are uncertain about a purchase may stay on the site and read more about the items they are interested in, potentially developing an interest in purchasing additional items from your offer.

For those with online stores, you know how crucial visitors are to the success of your business. Blogging, due to its content and keywords used during writing, brings in new visitors through search engines.

For example, consider selling ceramic cookware, an industry with tough competition, while you have a low margin and insufficient funds for aggressive advertising. What can you do? Just listing the product in the store may not secure a good position on search engines since you have a multitude of items that are short and very similar to each other. The content page lacks richness and doesn't provide added value to the reader, resulting in poor ranking for the cookware.

The solution is to choose a set of keywords (e.g., choosing ceramic cookware). For each chosen keyword, write an article and try to repeat the target phrase as many times as possible. At the end of the article, recommend the product you are referring to—in this case, the ceramic cookware. This way, your page will rank well on search engines, gain a lot of traffic, and at the same time, it will be useful to the visitor of your site. Customers prefer to buy from a seller they know is knowledgeable about the products, so this information will add value to the chosen product for them.

Oftentimes, due to limitations in selling a product, there are certain things you cannot write about the product itself. This can be solved by creating separate content from your blog. A good example of this is dietary supplements, where you can only write about the health facts confirmed by health research for the product being sold. Research can be quite expensive, so it is not done for most products, and consequently, you cannot write about the effects of the supplement. However, if you know that the supplement contains zinc, you can write a blog post about the health facts related to zinc and then link that blog post to your product.

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