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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Power of SEM: Reaching Your Audience Efficiently

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM marketing is a crucial part of online marketing, as most website visitors initially seek information through search engines. Your website can rank high in search results due to good Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or you can opt for search engine advertising (Google Ads). This type of advertising is highly targeted, allowing you to set various parameters for displaying ads. You only pay for actual clicks (PPC - pay per click), not just for ad impressions – meaning you pay only for clicks that can potentially lead to a purchase.


However, attracting potential customers to your website is not enough; the purchase depends on your ability to retain them on your site. Here, the importance of the entire marketing strategy is evident, not just the creation of effective advertising.

spletni iskalniki

Search engine advertising involves purchasing sponsored links in search engines (Google, Bing). This form of advertising is based on buying keywords selected by the advertiser based on their industry. Sponsored links (short ads with title, content, and a link to the website) appear at the top and in the right column of the search window when a user enters the keywords into the search engine.

Payment depends on the number of user clicks on the ad, with the cost determined by the choice of keywords and market demand for them. Advertisers thus have control over their spending, and their ads are shown only to their target audience. In summary: the ads are seen by users actively searching for them.

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