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E-mail marketing

An important part of online marketing is also e-mail marketing, which can be an extremely useful and effective advertising tool.

E-mail marketing
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    The average person receives 416 commercial messages per month, and 91% of people check their email inbox at least once a day.

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Email marketing is a form of direct marketing. It is suitable for sending newsletters, event invitations, informing about promotions, news, and more.

For a successful campaign, you need a good customer base and message.

However, even with this type of online marketing, it is necessary to consider key rules of marketing strategy and adjust the implementation to the goals of the email campaign:

  • Do you have email addresses of the right group of users for your products or services?
  • Have you prepared optimized content and format for your emails?
  • Have you considered the timing and frequency of sending emails?
  • Is the goal of email messages just to inform about news or also to boost sales?
  • Can you measure or derive the success of the email campaign from statistics?

email marketing

With all these rules, it is also necessary to adhere to legal and ethical limitations; otherwise, you may end up on the spam list, usually at the expense of email addresses that you have not obtained in an appropriate way.


  • cost-effective way of advertising and informing customers,
  • precise measurement of response from opened messages, clicked links, and users who did so, monitoring various statistics and the success of executed actions, and easier planning of future campaigns, and
  • temporal frequency (sending messages at a time when the likelihood of opening is highest).

For sending and preparing email campaigns, we recommend using one of the following tools: GetResponse, Mailerlite, and Mailchimp. Of course, there are many other providers with different functionalities available.

Increase your earnings independently of advertising platforms and social networks

Many entrepreneurs face challenges in business caused by stressful moments, extensive search for effective marketing tricks, and other ways of promotion via Google and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Despite good knowledge of Google's strategy and its ranking system, it can spoil your plans shortly with a change in the algorithm or cause trouble.

If you want to be competitive but still earn well, read some tips from Seth Godin about email marketing:

  • Your email list is an important asset - probably one of the most valuable assets in business ownership and at the same time a list of potential customers. Once reliable channels for promotion have become too expensive (Ads) or too dependent on Google (SEO). Consequently, an extensive email list can be a very welcome and reliable channel through which you can access additional income.
  • An email must always contain three things: anticipation, relevance, and a personal approach. A personal message is written so that the recipient feels that it is not routine and the same for all recipients. A good email marketing program can also be protection against competitors as it prevents insight into your content and its imitation.
  • Think of email marketing as a date where you have to build trust with your subscriber for a longer period because he will eventually decide to make a purchase. In the long run, it is better to convert a new visitor to your website into a newsletter subscriber via email messages and then into a customer.
  • To achieve lasting competitive advantage, abandon the search for tricks and tactics on the Internet and make an effort for your email marketing to provide these benefits.
  • In the first weeks of marketing, focus on email marketing with regular newsletters and encourage new decisions of your potential customers. If they trust you, you will sell more items or services and earn much more than before in a few months.

The broader your list of recipients of your email messages, the greater the potential for earnings.

Email works for many reasons:

  • It has always been available. Email has existed for about 22 years, and in its history, it has reached a dominant market share. 91% of consumers in the US use it daily. Among other things, it is also considered an accessible form of communication for the older population, which no longer communicates on social networks, making it always eager to expect a new email in their mailboxes and examine it in more detail.
  • It is widely used. In 2015, there were 300 million Twitter accounts, which is negligible compared to Facebook accounts, which now exceed 1.4 billion. However, beware, there are more than 3 billion email addresses, as everyone nowadays has an electronic or email address.
  • Consumers use it. 75% of email users are buyers. The average purchase value in an email offer is 20% higher than in other sales channels, but the most important for your business is the conversion rate, which is three times higher via emails.

All of the above represents significant potential for acquiring target customers. They can also be reached through other channels, but you can achieve this more extremely with emails - send the right offer to the right person at the right time. Targeting can increase the value of your list and your revenue per subscriber up to tenfold.

Business happens in the Inbox.

By following all the advice, you will gain a potential marketing channel. Its uniqueness is that you control it yourself. So, build a list of customers ready to buy your items immediately and start working. Focus on things you can control. When building an online business, there is no better guarantee of your success than trusting your largest and most reliable channel to customers. At the same time, you will gain your loyal customers.

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