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Mobile Version

More and more online shoppers use mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and similar electronic gadgets for browsing and online shopping.

Mobile Version

Every device has different screen dimensions, so it's essential to ensure that your website is clear and easy to use on all devices.

You should strive to make your online store user-friendly because you don't want to lose customers. If your store is not mobile-friendly, it's essential to consult a web developer who can address this issue.

In addition to user experience, the adaptability of your site also affects its placement in search results, as mentioned earlier. In practice, this means that your online store will perform worse in mobile search results compared to the competition if it is not mobile-friendly.

You can configure your website for different devices in two different ways: as a separate design template or as a responsive template.

Separate Mobile Version

In this case, you have a design and content separate from the classic version for mobile users, which means you have two completely separate displays. The advantage of this version is greater flexibility in layout and content display, as you can create a completely different display than on the classic version.

Another, perhaps negligible to some but still crucial, advantage is the speed of template display. In the separate mobile version, you only display essential elements and make queries for them, so this version can display faster than the classic version, where elements are hidden, but queries are still required, potentially slowing down page display.

The downside of a separate mobile version of the site is the maintenance and care of two different templates. This means more work, and it's easier to make a mistake when you modify information on one version but forget to update it on the other. If the online store operates in one language, it can be managed more easily, but when dealing with different languages and display variations, the workload can double due to the separate version.

Responsive Template

In a responsive template, you work on the same foundation, but you can display it differently depending on the screen's width and height. So, structurally and content-wise, the mobile version of the site is the same as the classic version. Due to the desire for better clarity on the mobile site with less information, you either don't display certain irrelevant functionalities or show them differently.

For each screen dimension, you have the option to influence content display and adjust to the size accordingly.

When creating a responsive template, you must be extremely careful. To avoid issues with display before publication, you should check for cut-off content, covered fields, unreadable content, and different typical page displays on various devices.

mobile version of the online store

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