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Data Analysis

In recent years, it has become a common practice for consumers to visit multiple retailers before making a purchase, often for price comparison.

Data Analysis
  • Continuous testing to improve efficiency

    Continuous testing is truly an essential part of every online store's business, and at a certain level, we advise you to engage in continuous testing to monitor the response to the changes you are currently implementing.

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  • Analysis of Advertising Campaigns

    As advertising costs continue to rise, the statistics of stores and websites become increasingly important. We need to know who we are advertising to in order to ensure the most optimal advertising.

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  • Advanced Analysis with URL Parameters

    The advantage of the web is that we can fairly reliably and accurately measure the performance of various campaigns.

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Combine this with increasingly saturated online offerings, and you'll understand why the situation for online merchants is considerably more challenging than a few years ago.

For these reasons, it is more important than ever to invest in solutions and strategies that will ensure a convenient and simplified user experience. This chapter focuses on providing a better user experience for your users based on data analysis. The strategy includes analyzing advertising channels, websites, customers, and so on.

How to determine what needs to be analyzed to improve customer satisfaction?


Surveys are still an essential factor in consumer analysis, as they can provide key feedback. Of course, visitors need to be somehow convinced to participate. The best way to do this is by offering them some benefits or giving away a product or service.


A/B testing is the process of testing websites and their elements (ad banners, content, images). Basically, it involves creating two or more versions of a page and directing visitors to them. This testing method helps determine which page is more effective.

Certainly, the more effective page is the one that generates the most inquiries or enables the most purchases. The reason for testing is to increase conversion and ROI (Return On Investment).

Your main goal is to convert as many visitors into customers as possible using content and other elements while extracting a higher profit with the available resources. You must ensure a sufficiently large sample group for testing, as otherwise, the results obtained will not be adequate or realistic.

Key tools for performing A/B testing easily and effectively are Google Optimize and Optimizely, among many others. This testing method shows us which landing page was more attractive and consequently achieved more conversions.

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