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Holiday Sale

Throughout the year, various holiday periods come and go, from Valentine's Day to Easter holidays and the festive December, which represents the peak of gift shopping throughout the entire year.

Holiday Sale

For customers, it is important to find their way to your online store and purchase holiday gifts from you before the holidays begin. Several factors can convince them to do so: the appearance of the store, prices, promotional offers, and more.

The simple steps outlined below will help you convince potential customers to buy your products, thereby increasing sales before the holidays:

1. Examine customer habits using data from the online store

Understanding and analyzing data and analytical tools from your store are crucial for your business success and sales campaign. If you have data on holiday sales from the previous year, you can determine what positively influenced customers and what deterred them from making a purchase. Use this information for the current year's campaign and further improve sales. Based on the results of the previous year's sales campaign, you can choose appropriate sales channels and advertising methods, ensuring that you reach more potential customers responding to your invitation to visit your online store.

If your online store has not been in operation long enough to have statistics from the previous year, save the strategy for this year for future use.

2. Examine the competition

If you are not subscribed to the newsletters of your competitors, do so immediately! This way, you will stay informed about what they are doing and the steps they are taking in their sales journey. With the help of search history, you can also peek into the past and find out what sales campaigns your competitors had in the previous year. Use this data to create an even better sales plan for your business and outperform the competition. Let this serve as a starting point for developing your own strategy.

3. Prepare your sales campaigns before the holiday season begins

Prepared campaigns will undoubtedly make your work easier. When the actual holiday frenzy begins, you will simply activate your advertising. Take enough time to study the right keywords that will be relevant before a specific holiday period. Do not forget to include seasonal keywords in your online store, even if they are only seasonal phrases. Include general phrases related to a specific holiday period, such as: Christmas gift, Valentine's Day gift, free shipping, gift voucher, and so on. Although these do not directly call for your products, they are certainly relevant for all gift seekers.

4. Do not forget about SEO

SEO is intended for organic traffic from search engines, accounting for about a quarter of total purchases in online stores. In the previous point, you have already examined keywords for campaign preparation; now, you need to incorporate them into your content. Prepare a new holiday category, publish an article on holiday topics on your blog or a related blog, and enable people to find you faster in search engines. A quarter of purchases is not negligible, so it is definitely worth the effort.

5. Start promotional actions with loyal customers

You can extract from the statistics who among the site visitors you have successfully sold items from your store. You can prepare some special sales promotion with a personal touch, a special offer, or something similar for them. Due to the trust shown in the past, there is a greater chance that they will do it again. Do not overlook this, as returning customers can be a strong point in your sales strategy.

6. Appearance and functionality of the store

More and more people rely on portable mobile devices that accompany them everywhere. Desktop computers and laptops are used to a lesser extent due to smartphones and tablets, so it is important for your online store to keep up with the times. This way, you will also receive orders from your customers via mobile devices.

Do not forget about the appearance of the online store, as it is flexible, allowing you to design and adapt the graphic image to each season. In winter, let it snow, red color and hearts in focus around Valentine's Day, Easter cannot pass without bunnies, chicks, and colorful eggs, and happy December without three good men, Christmas trees, and gifts.

Some important dates in the year for online retailers:

  • 14. 2. – Valentine's Day
  • 8. 3. – International Women's Day
  • between 22. 3. and 25. 4. – Easter
  • 25. 3. – Mother's Day
  • 17. 6. – Father's Day
  • November – "Black Friday"
  • November – "Cyber Monday"
  • 25. 12. – Christmas

Of course, there are many other formal and informal holidays that are a good opportunity for selling items under a promotional offer and attracting customers to make purchases. Practically speaking, you could have one every month, and it all depends on your items or services that will be most useful for a particular holiday. For someone selling natural cosmetics or organic products, International Earth Day is an excellent opportunity.

holiday sale

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