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Success Page

The thank you page of the online store can be a successful conversion tool.

Success Page

The most common form of a thank you page is a subpage of the website where visitors submit an order or request for a specific product they are interested in. On this subpage, visitors fill out a contact form and receive a thank you message for their inquiry or purchase. The components of a thank you page can vary depending on the market you operate in, including end consumers (B2C) and business partners (B2B).

Many online shopping sites make a mistake by providing only a dry thank you message on the thank you page, but customers may expect much more information, perhaps even an offer for a related item or additional information about the desired product.

Key tips for designing an effective thank you page:

  1. The thank you page should be designed the same as other subpages, as visitors may otherwise think they made a mistake and leave it too quickly. It's important that the thank you page is equipped with all possible elements of a sales-oriented page.

  2. On the thank you page, optimize or use various conversion tools. Increase the number of conversions in the consumer market with your existing customers. As a sign of gratitude for their purchase, offer them a benefit on their next purchase. According to research, customers who have already shopped with you or are currently shopping are more reliable for their next or additional purchase than completely new customers.

  3. Offer visitors to your website the option to subscribe to newsletters so they can stay up to date with benefits. In this way, you ensure continuous communication and potentially higher sales to known customers.

  4. You can set up a set of answers to questions related to submitted orders, payment methods, delivery times, and other matters for visitors. Your customers will surely appreciate this, and their shopping experience will be positively enhanced.

  5. Invite visitors to read other content on your website (blog posts, catalogs and brochures, or other documents) through embedded links. You will receive feedback on what visitors did on this page, so adjust the thank you page and offer them links to topics that interest them the most.

  6. After completing a purchase, when thanking the customer, offer additional similar items or promotional items that the customer may need but is not yet aware of. You can directly increase sales on the thank you page. Example: A visitor has purchased a phone, and you offer them a phone case, speakers, or additional insurance.

  7. Invite visitors to your social media - Your thank you page should have the option to follow popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, where visitors can follow real-time updates, promotions, and other content. Following visitors also allows for business conversion.

  8. Ask visitors for help - invite them to share your content on social networks and via email with their friends. If you've made an effort to make your visitors really happy, they'll be happy to help you.

  9. Ask the visitor everything you're interested in - take advantage of the moment when the visitor is on your website and try to obtain hard-to-reach data that can affect successful sales. Use the acquired information for various types of promotions (emailing, blog, other documents) to attract new customers, and maybe sell additional items or develop a new or improved item to existing ones. Don't forget to appreciate your customers and their time.

  10. Advertise on Google. Use Google tools to track conversions and visits to your website. The number of conversions is an important statistical indicator and a measure of the effectiveness of advertising on Google.

I hope you realize that a thank you page is of great importance to your website or online store in the field of business with companies, as well as with end users. A thank you page in a way serves as a salesperson in a physical store who asks if you want to buy anything else before completing the purchase.

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