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The homepage is the most important page of the online store since it's usually visited by the most visitors.


Because of this, it must make the right impression on the visitor to keep their attention. People make decisions quickly, usually taking only three seconds to decide, so you must make an effort to showcase the most attractive elements in the first view. Avoid displaying unnecessary elements that distract from the essential content the visitor is looking for. In the case of an advanced system with built-in artificial intelligence and a larger dataset about the visitor, including their habits, history, preferences, and personal choices, you could streamline the entire page to be similar to Google's homepage, showing potential items the visitor is looking for alongside the search bar.

Since that's not the case, you need to present your offerings differently. Typically, the homepage features prominent banners, often displaying current site-related events—promotions, new items, or ongoing special offers. It's all very similar to traditional displays in a physical store.

Below the banners, there is also a selection of individual items from categories presented in the form of separate sections that you can display in various ways (with tabs or individual page sections). If possible, ensure that these are visible immediately when the page opens, without the need for unnecessary scrolling.

You can organize the selection of individual items in various ways, with the most common being the seasonal highlighting of items, promotions, and new items. You can also highlight specific categories of items. Start with the most important ones, typically the most visited, and those that bring you the most sales conversions, and then proceed in order.

For first-time visitors and those who have no online shopping experience, it is necessary to establish the credibility of the online store, especially its security when highlighting current items.

Credibility can be improved with special highlighted elements that give the buyer a sense of security, such as a secure page and its data, the option to return items, ease of purchase, fast delivery, or the service of delivering ordered items, and more. Of course, it's not bad to introduce the retailer as well because this way, the visitor learns who they are dealing with, and the shopping experience becomes more personal.

You should also consider capturing the visitor's contact information on the first page, even if they do not make a purchase or further explore. This way, you gain their contact information (email and push notification subscription, etc.) or detect them in a special way and add them to a list for future advertising (remarketing).

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