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The Secret to Long-Term Effective Google Ads Campaigns

Have you ventured into Ads advertising? Have you spent a considerable amount of time understanding this type of online advertising?

The Secret to Long-Term Effective Google Ads Campaigns

Did you achieve initial good results but later realized that despite your efforts, the entire Ads account structure was wrongly set up? Have you made changes to the structure of your website during the advertising campaign and found that the results were no longer as good as before the change? Regardless of your website's nature, you need to first establish a solid foundation for a new Ads account, and before building the foundation, some preparations are necessary:

1.) Define the Purpose

You may have noticed that Ads is an advanced tool with many settings. These settings can quickly confuse an inexperienced advertiser, especially without a clear purpose in mind. For an experienced advertiser, these settings offer a wide range of tools to optimize the advertising campaign for optimal results.

Based on the answer to this crucial question, an entire strategy for your Ads account can be prepared for different purposes:

  • For online sales,
  • For generating potential leads,
  • For collecting email contacts.

2.) Establishing Structure

Once the purpose is clearly defined, deciding on the type of campaign and using settings for each ad group, individual ad, or keyword becomes much easier.

However, this is just the beginning, and for a more successful setup of the Ads account, further analysis of the website is required. This involves a thorough analysis of the website's structure, considering:

  • Category and subcategory structure,
  • Main values and key advantages, and
  • A set of keywords.

Before starting, it is advisable to draw the structure and clearly note the key points for setting up the Ads account. Once the purpose is defined, you can proceed with the actual work within the complex Ads tool. Keep in mind that the structure of the Ads account should reflect the structure of the website, ensuring maximum efficiency and providing a solid foundation for an effective Ads account.

3.) Follow the House Construction Example

At first glance, Ads and house construction may not seem related, but symbolically, they have a lot in common. Have you ever seen builders start constructing a house from the roof? Unfortunately, many advertisers first dive into advanced and complex advertising techniques, neglecting the basics or forgetting to define a clear purpose and establish a quality Ads account structure.

Just as it is necessary to obtain all the documentation and prepare a plan before starting the construction of a house, the same applies to online advertising. If any of the essential steps are skipped, there is a risk that our "house" will collapse after a few years. Remember that not all visitors who clicked on an ad make a purchase immediately, but that doesn't mean they are lost forever. By using re-targeting, you can display targeted ads only to those visitors to encourage them to revisit your online store and make a purchase. These visitors have already shown interest at some point, so it's worth trying to re-engage them. This method is proven to be one of the most effective advertising methods, increasing sales and reducing the cost of advertising for each completed purchase in the long run. Google Ads has the re-marketing function built into its platform, while other platforms may require external providers such as Adroll, AdBuyer, and ReTargeter.

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