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Online Store Conversion

"How to capture and manage conversion to reach your customers?"

Online Store Conversion

"How to capture and manage conversion to reach your customers?"

Imagine having your own online store and constantly thinking about how to redesign it to be more attractive to visitors. The page looks great, the headlines are clear, you have no more than eight categories of products, the content is interesting and readable, and you offer quality items, but the results are nowhere to be found.

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Successful online stores have one common characteristic: they are designed with the customer in mind and solve their problem. To that end, I have prepared some useful tips to help you figure out what visitors to your online store are looking for and how you can assist them.


Conversion is the activity of a visitor to your online store that you can track and measure. Conversion can be submitting an inquiry, viewing a specific category, signing up for an email list, purchasing your product or service, registering, referring a friend, and more.

In the language of online advertising, the term conversion is a synonym for a visitor who also becomes your customer. The conversion rate means the percentage of visitors that have been successfully converted into customers. All online store owners want a high conversion rate.

Here are some useful steps to improve conversion:

1. Analyze your purchase path

Most of us initially focus solely on attracting traffic to the online store, which is logical because more traffic on the site means higher profits. However, we often forget to analyze the existing traffic of the online store. Specifically, we are interested in the part of customers that we lose in the purchasing process.

Each step of the buying process offers new opportunities, so we need to adjust them so that the path to a successfully completed purchase is shorter and easier, making shopping more enjoyable.

2. Test and analyze the buying process

Through testing and analysis, you can adjust your online store so that as many people as possible decide to make a purchase. This process is called CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization is a technique that can increase the percentage of visitors who make a purchase in your online store. Higher conversion also means higher profit, so conversions are very important for every online retailer.

Conversion is the moment when a visitor to your online store buys one of your items. On a micro level, conversions happen everywhere, from the moment a visitor views one of your items or adds it to the shopping cart. Therefore, we suggest optimizing your store for conversions, both large and small, with constant testing of the buying process.

One of the fundamental elements of CRO is the testing method called A/B testing.

A/B testing compares two versions of the same online store to see which one produces better results.

CRO is a key tool for all business owners who want to optimize the purchasing process on their websites to suit the needs of their customers. However, CRO is not suitable for everyone. For successful optimization of your online store and for testing, you first need enough visitors. Without sufficient traffic, the results will not reflect the actual needs or behavior of visitors on the website.

Remember, optimizing your purchasing process is an ongoing process of improvement and upgrading elements that guide visitors to your online store from the moment they enter until they make a purchase. Optimization helps you understand your customers in a way that will make them happy to return to you. There are no rules. Tests that work well for one store may not be relevant to another. So, you need to tailor testing to your buying process, monitor results over time, and gradually build a more successful store.

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My name is Anže, and I am a Magento certified expert in solutions and a creator of multiple award-winning online stores.

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