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An online store will stand out and be most memorable to visitors if it has its own personality and looks different from others.

  • Choosing the Font

    Before we begin with the design, it's advisable to determine the type of font we will use.

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  • Content

    Once you've selected a clear and aesthetically pleasing font, it's time to create engaging content.

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  • Choosing Colors

    Before deciding on color choices, it's essential to examine the colors used by our competitors and differentiate ourselves by selecting a unique color. This chosen color should then be consistently applied across all elements as a common theme.

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  • Layout of Elements

    Once we have all the elements defined, the next step is to arrange them appropriately within the available space.

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When it comes to appearance, consistency is key, ranging from banner ads to the packaging in which the items are delivered. To achieve a cohesive look, an online store must have its own Corporate Graphic Identity (CGI), including rules for logo and font usage, as well as other guidelines that affect its appearance.

Corporate Graphic Identity (CGI) is a crucial part of any business

It is a style that will be regularly used in communication. It consists of a logo, color combinations, fonts, and a slogan. The graphic identity is reflected in all business documentation through which the company interacts with customers and collaborators. Packaging, letters, invoices, advertisements, presentation brochures, leaflets, and offers must be in line with the CGI.

Every company is unique, and its Corporate Graphic Identity must be tailored to enhance its effectiveness. The CGI should also be used in the online presentation, with no deviations. Often, the website is the most critical point of contact between the company and its customers.

While it's likely that someone with graphic design experience will better handle the Corporate Graphic Identity, it doesn't mean you can't create aesthetically pleasing and clear materials yourself. You just need to remember the key design principles. Personally, I believe that anyone can create an attractive piece.

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