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Online Store Upkeep

All owners of websites (websites and online stores) are probably aware of the impact of changes on the visits to your site, and consequently on the number of purchases, orders, and inquiries.

Online Store Upkeep

Some changes on the website can be managed directly in the site's administration, while others may require more technical knowledge and experience.

Regular maintenance of all physical stores and business spaces is just as necessary for the satisfaction of our customers and business partners as regular maintenance of websites. Some tasks can be done independently, while others require professional help and support from companies specializing in such tasks.

It's important to know and consider that a well-maintained website, frequently updated, is better ranked in search engines and more successful in gaining new contacts, orders, inquiries, etc. It's also less likely to be targeted by hacking attempts, outages, and other issues that affect its operation. Web technologies often change, and by using new technologies, we can improve our site. For example, upgrading to a newer PHP version (7.x) can speed up the website by 30%, significantly enhancing conversion and revenue generation. However, using new technologies introduces necessary changes for seamless operation. In the case of PHP version upgrade, we have new features as well as functions that are no longer used for various reasons (speed, security, etc.). To ensure that existing code works on the new version, modifications are needed.

For these reasons, web platform versions are also updated regularly. If we do not regularly update our online store, we are more vulnerable to attacks, and the store's performance is slower than competitors operating on an updated system. Exposure is more critical because vulnerabilities of the system, addressed by updates, are more exposed. A potential attacker can quickly discover system vulnerabilities using patches and exploit them for their benefit.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the website not only directly affects the proper functioning of the online store but also has a very positive impact on regular visitors or customers in your online store. Regularly refreshing the website and adding fresh information gives the appearance of an organized company behind the website. An attractive and updated appearance can, in many cases, further contribute to the final decision for a new order, sign-up for newsletters, inquiry, etc.

It is important that, during maintenance and updating of the store, we do not negatively impact its operation with errors that can occur with changes. It is advisable to have a test version of the store where all changes can be tested before publishing on the live site. During work, developers should also have access to version control systems, allowing for a better overview of the changes made, and, in case of issues, quicker restoration to the previous working state.

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