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Cookies are small text files that most websites store on users' devices.


They access the internet with the purpose of identifying individual devices that users have used to access.

The cookie itself does not contain or collect personal information. When a cookie is read together with a web browser, it can be helpful to the website in providing user-friendly services, as cookies allow you to recognize visitors. Cookies thus enable the collection of data on the number of website visitors, new and previous visitors, and website usage, allowing you to upgrade and customize the website to the needs and desires of users.

Storing cookies is under the complete control of the user, as they can limit or disable cookie storage in the browser they use.

Why are cookies necessary?

Cookies are essential for providing user-friendly web services. The most common e-commerce functions would not be possible without cookies. They help the website remember individual preferences and experiences. This saves time, making browsing through web pages more efficient and enjoyable.

Why do websites use cookies?

There are several reasons for using cookies: their property of storing data about the state of an individual website (details about the customization of an individual website) helps in providing various web services (online stores), collecting statistical data, containing information about the habits of web users, and monitoring the frequency of visits to a particular website.

Companies can improve the efficiency of their websites and the appropriateness of the type, content, and number of ads they offer to users with the help of cookies. Of course, due to legislation and good user experience, it is necessary to provide information about cookies so that visitors can become acquainted with the type of cookies used, the reasons for their use, and the options for their removal or disabling. 

Legal Regulation of Cookie Use

Due to frequent online scams associated with web cookies, laws have been tightened. This has resulted in new rules regarding the use of cookies stored on users' personal computers.

New legislation requires all website owners to obtain user consent for the use of cookies that are not essential for the functioning of the website. In practice, practically all website owners need such consent, as most of them use cookies.

What Does the Law Require from Website Owners?

The law requires website owners to provide certain information to the user:

  • information about the types of cookies used by the website,

  • information about the purpose of collecting cookies, and

  • information about the method of using cookies.

If a user wants a full user experience on the site, they must agree to the use of cookies.

An example list of cookies with their described functionality:




Shopping cart management


Product comparison


Website settings


User identification


Survey management


Wishlist management


Website view statistics - Google Analytics

What to Do When You Can't Collect Cookies but Want to Identify a Visitor?

In this case, you have a more complex solution available in which you take the fingerprint of the device used by visitors. Each device has specific characteristics regarding composition (composition of different components), data processing, responsiveness, etc. Based on these parameters, you can distinguish between devices and consequently users of the online store. The more information you gather, the more accurately you can identify an individual.

webstore cookies

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