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Designing Online Stores

The design of an online store can take you to the sky, so choose wisely.

An attractively designed and efficient online store can completely transform your sales results in a short period of time.

Designing Online Stores

How Important is Web Store Design for Online Business?

We are visual beings who process images much faster than text. Therefore, it's incredibly important that your online store is aesthetically appealing and inviting. We take care of:

  • unique appearance of your online store,
  • comprehensive visual identity, and
  • a pleasant user experience.
web store design
web store design

Capture Attention and Simplify User Experience

A clear, straightforward, and user-friendly web store will catch your customers' eyes and encourage them to revisit willingly. You might think appearance is secondary, but online, as in life, when "clothes make the man," it's not worth losing potential customers due to your web store's appearance. From experience, we can attest that sales increase solely due to an improved store's appearance and functionality, which is why we pay such attention to the details that perfect your online store.

Choose the Advantages We Offer:

  • No need to search for a separate graphic designer – we've got you covered!
  • We create the design to make your web store not just beautiful, but also professional and successful in sales.
  • The design is tailored to your overall visual identity.
  • If you don't yet have a comprehensive visual identity, we can create it for you along with the web store.
web store design

Stop browsing. Start selling. Contact me now at anze@degriz.net.

My name is Anže, and I am a Magento certified expert in solutions and a creator of multiple award-winning online stores.

I am the architect behind all Degriz projects. You will surely come across me if we collaborate. Even though the phone keeps ringing, you can always tap me on the shoulder if you need advice regarding online stores and their functioning.

I specialize in building custom online stores and I am a master of unique techniques to enhance conversion on your website.

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