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Advertising on Social Networks and Online Portals

The key advantage of marketing on social networks over other online channels is the possibility of better-targeted advertising, enabling better conversion between clicks and purchases or inquiries.

Advertising on Social Networks and Online Portals

When users register in a community, they must provide the required information (gender, location, year of birth, etc.). Community owners thus have a broad collection of personal data, including user habits and needs. This data enables targeted advertising, showing specific ads to particular users of the online community.

Another significant advantage of social networks is the speed of information dissemination among users. Due to the connectivity and extensive nature of networks, we can access information faster and respond more quickly. Communication is facilitated by chat windows, private messages, and comments, making it simpler and, above all, faster.

Social networks allow for the creation of a continuous marketing campaign and are an ideal space for viral communication. All of this facilitates the transmission of information, recommendations, and critiques about companies, products, or services in an informal and much more personal manner.

Advertising an Online Store on Social Networks

If we want to boost sales in an online store, we can hardly avoid paid advertising. In most cases, advertising in newspapers, television, or radio may not be cost-effective. Such advertising can be expensive and ineffective, and it is chosen when aiming for "branding" or brand strengthening.

For online stores, pay-per-click advertising is more effective (CPC/CPM advertising). This type of advertising has several advantages. It is easy to control the amount of money spent and its effectiveness, as results can be monitored in real-time.

The characteristic of pay-per-click advertising is payment per website visitor, significantly reducing the cost per visitor compared to other types of advertising. The best thing about this type of advertising is the easy measurement of advertising effectiveness. If you find that visitors who came to your site in this way are not making purchases, you can stop the campaign, thus reducing potential advertising costs. If, however, you come across a winning campaign, you can strengthen it and optimize its use.

You can purchase such ads on numerous portals and advertising networks. Currently, major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, etc., stand out, as they have all the necessary tools for effective campaigns and more than satisfactory traffic.

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