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Choosing the Font

Before we begin with the design, it's advisable to determine the type of font we will use.

Choosing the Font

It's generally not advisable to use too many different font styles, as it can make the content appear cluttered. Opt for easily readable fonts. Even if you have a beautiful script font, it might be better to replace it with a simpler one at times.

Also, check if the fonts include all necessary characters. Sometimes, our chosen font may have special characters that are not available in all fonts (across different EU countries). In such cases, we may need to find a font with additional characters, like "latin extended."

Once you have a shortlist of fonts, choose one or two font types for use: one for headings (h1, h2, h3, etc.) and another for descriptive text, or use a single font in various weights and sizes for both headings and descriptions.

Ensure that the chosen font can be used on the website as a web font. Otherwise, we need to adjust the font for web use and check its usage rights.

With font types selected and their use determined, set sizes and spacings for different sections. Typically, the most significant title is h1, used for category headings, article titles, individual pages, etc. Start with the size of h1 and then proceed to h2, h3, and so on. Ensure that each heading is slightly smaller than the previous one but never smaller than the main content size. The heading should stand out on the page but still be part of the content.

When determining spacings, always ensure an appropriate line height. If lines are too close together, reading web content becomes challenging. If they are too far apart, it gives a sense of disconnectedness between lines.

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