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Order Processing

Order Processing

We live in a time of rapid digitization, where most companies have realized that merely existing in the "real" world and conducting business in a way that was relevant fifteen years ago is no longer sufficient.

Digitization and the internet have brought us many things that were almost inaccessible just ten years ago, all at our fingertips. Online users, who are also customers, expect high-quality products and quality, fast, and friendly service from all of us who operate online. Most of them are not even aware of the processes behind all small or large online businesses.

Whether a company is small or large, new or well-established, each of them will sooner or later face challenges they hadn't initially thought about. Regardless of whether we are engaged in selling services or products online, on our own or with the help of an expert, we will need to create an order processing system, which can be a significant challenge for online stores.

When we first deal with the administration of an online store, we all soon believe that it's all quite simple and understandable (regardless of the platform on which the online store operates). Initially, we all focus on marketing and sales, which are essential driving forces of our business. If we want the next level of our online sales to start, we need to acquire the first orders, behind which are our actual customers, who, just like in the real world, expect quality, fast, and friendly service. As long as there are only a few orders, there are no problems, so online retailers at the beginning pay less attention to the order processing method. Everything seems fairly straightforward, and it actually is: order received, order processed, order completed. The question arises when we start thinking whether it's the same in practice?

  • Order received - the customer receives an electronic notification of the successful order submission, and the online retailer understands that the customer has placed an order for one or more of its services or one or more products.

  • Order processed - the customer receives an electronic notification of order acceptance, and the online retailer begins to prepare the package for shipment.

  • Order completed - the customer receives an electronic message about the dispatched package and information about the estimated delivery date, and the retailer completes the order with this status.

Of course, this is just one of the possible scenarios - assuming that the customer chooses the cash on delivery payment method, and all orders are paid only upon delivery, or in the case of just one delivery service, low order quantities, and a single employee handling all orders. Try to imagine how the process would work if you had five different payment methods to choose from, some orders were paid immediately, others upon delivery, you collaborated with three delivery services, had 100 or more orders daily, some from different online stores and different countries, all being processed by several of your employees simultaneously. If you previously focused only on sales and took order processing lightly, it can quickly change, as chaos can spoil your joy. Sooner or later, every online retailer who is growing and experiencing an increased number of orders faces the significant importance of quality and rapid order processing.

In your desire for a successful and growing online business, we advise you to pay the same attention to good organization and careful systematization of the order processing process as you do to online sales. This process includes: a well-developed order processing system in the administration of the online store, a fast and simple way of working (printing invoices, printing shipping labels, preparing products, using suitable protective packaging), and more. In every successful online store, this process is extremely well thought out and perfected, and a lot more effort is invested in it than it appears at first glance.

It is the decision of each online retailer whether they want to face the challenges of increased order volumes and solve them themselves or turn to an experienced professional for help and advice. Regardless of your decision, we recommend that you never forget that your task is not completed until the customer receives the package, and you have the money in your company's account. Also, don't forget customer satisfaction, as only a satisfied customer will return to your online store and make another purchase.

A good idea to increase purchases and customer satisfaction is also to attach promotional material to orders or offer additional benefits in the form of discounts or small gifts with each purchase.

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