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Product page

Product page is usually the last page where a visitor decides on purchasing the viewed item, so it's essential to ensure the best possible presentation of the product.

Product page

You can see exemplary product presentations in other media, such as TV commercials, print ads, and elsewhere. Key elements are highlighted everywhere that you should present on the product page. In the example above, you can see the following elements: a visual representation of the product, a brief summary of the product's functionality, its advantages, and a use case.

Online store product page

The product page should include:

  • Product name,
  • a brief description of the product and its benefits,
  • product photos and other multimedia formats (video, animation, etc.),
  • product price,
  • product availability (stock availability and quantity),
  • a longer product description and specifications,
  • presentation of the product brand,
  • user reviews of the product,
  • related products, and
  • interactive features (wishlist, comparison, social links, frequently asked questions).

Store product page

Product Name

When deciding on product names, it's essential to establish a consistent naming convention so that the names are structured uniformly. The product's name should be such that it leads visitors to your product through organic searches. Before naming, it's advisable to conduct an SEO analysis of relevant keywords and searches for the product, which is the actual first step in subsequent digital marketing activities.

Example structure for naming a product:

[brand] [model name] [product type] [product options]


Examples of naming:

Breville BSG600BSS Panini Press, Silver

FRYE Melissa Shoulder Leather Handbag

Phillips' Caplets, Laxative, 100 Count

Apple iPhone 7 - 32GB - Rose Gold

Brief Product Description

In the brief description, you need to present the key features of the product and its benefits. Visitors to the page should be able to understand the basic characteristics of the product without reading the entire description and product specifications. It's also highly recommended to highlight the main advantages of the product, but be careful not to list too many. Three key benefits of each product are more than enough.

Product Photos and Other Multimedia Formats

Typically, the visual and other multimedia representations of the product are placed at the top of the product page. The visual representation usually includes one prominent photo and a gallery of other product photos falling into the same category. You can also include video presentations, 360-degree product views, virtual fitting of the product - like Amazon's "Look Inside" for books, Misterspex's virtual eyewear fitting, or Maybelline's makeup try-on.

You can also add photos of well-known personalities using the product or even visitors who have decided to purchase the product, which can provide additional images from various users. Having more photos will give visitors a clearer idea of the product.

A great idea for additional product presentation is to include user-generated photos. With this method, you can obtain additional product photos, some of which may be surprisingly good or even better than supplier photos. With additional photos, you can give visitors the impression that many people use the product, and at the same time, present them with ideas and ways to use the product. Users who share their own product photos on your site can be added to the presentation page. This way, customers will identify with the brand and become its ambassadors. This will lead to more shares of the product, increased traffic, and, most importantly, the expansion of the brand's presence on social media.

Product Price

The price of the product is one of the essential factors in the decision to purchase. It should be prominently and clearly displayed on the page. If the price varies based on product attributes such as size or color, it should be dynamic and understandable.

In the case of a price reduction, it's advisable to keep the old price on the page, which can be displayed less prominently as a crossed-out promotional price. This will make it clear that it's a regular, non-promotional price. It also helps to provide information about the difference between the old and new prices (in percentages or amounts). Such information gives visitors a better sense of the savings on each purchase.

When a product is on sale, provide information about the duration of the promotion. This means specifying the dates during which the product can be purchased at the sale price. This can encourage visitors to make a quick purchase or buy a larger quantity of items or services. This feature can also be used on B2C websites when selling products suitable for this type of sales, e.g., stores selling creative materials.

In the case of B2B sales, it's advisable for wholesalers to display their prices for products they sell. They should also show volume-based pricing if applicable, as this can persuade buyers to place larger orders with lower prices for bulk purchases. This option can also be used on B2C sites when selling products suitable for this type of sales (e.g., for stores selling creative materials).

Product Availability

Often, product availability is a significant factor in the decision to purchase. If we're about to go on vacation, we'll be interested in when we can get the inflatable cushion we want to order online to make sure it arrives on time.

Even for regular items, we'd like the ordered product to be with us as soon as possible. Faster delivery times can help you gain more customers and better customer responses. Long delivery times can lead to many dissatisfied customers and a lot of effort in answering questions about when their item will be delivered.

In the event that the product is currently unavailable, you must indicate this on the page and disable ordering the product. If the product will be available in the future, you can offer visitors the option to sign up for notifications about the product's availability. This way, you can quickly gain some suitable customers for the new stock.

Long Product Description and Specifications

In addition to the brief description, it's a good idea to prepare a longer presentation that highlights individual product advantages and describes its features. The better the presentation, the higher the likelihood of selling the product. As an example, I mention the Apple brand, where you'll notice, even on your first visit to the site, that they put a lot of effort into selling products, making each product page entirely unique and dynamic.

It's advisable to add technical specifications of products to the description so that visitors can check them. This is particularly important for technical products such as computers or food items, where visitors are interested in nutritional information and similar details.

Presentation of the Product Brand

Brands can have a significant impact on the purchasing decision process. Many people prefer to buy a more expensive product if it's from a well-known brand. Therefore, you should use this to your advantage when presenting products and appropriately showcase the brand. In the case where the brand is not yet well-known, it may still have a compelling story that you can present to customers.

Example description for the Diesel brand on the Asos online store:

Diesel, which has been changing the denim game since 1978, celebrates self-expression and individuality with its take on lifestyle with hand-picked pieces. This interpretation is expressed in torn, washed denim details on numerous jeans and jackets, while when it comes to tops and tees, they adhere to the principle of boldness - the bolder the piece, the better it represents their brand. Even their accessories tell a lot on their own.

User Reviews

User reviews are highly recommended because they provide visitors with an external, independent perspective on the product, its quality, and other characteristics. Many online stores publish their reviews, which are always positive in such cases. If you have reviews on your site, ensure their credibility. This does not mean you should only have positive reviews; even negative reviews can provide valuable feedback, indicating that some products may not be the best and should be replaced with higher-quality items. This is how you can improve customer satisfaction.

When a new online store has relatively few visitors, it's challenging to get the first reviews. A good way to encourage customers to leave reviews is to reward them with promotional coupons for discounts. After they make a purchase, ask them to leave a review. You can do this by including a review request in a thank-you email sent to customers after they successfully complete a purchase.

Related Products

By featuring additional products, you can better showcase your offerings to visitors and increase the total value of the shopping cart. Product highlighting can be done with different types of related products:

  • With similar products (related products),
  • with upsell products,
  • with cross-sell products.

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