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Abandoned Cart Emails

Email messages to visitors who abandoned their cart before confirming the order have proven to be the most effective marketing strategy for online sellers.

Abandoned Cart Emails

If you don't have automatic sending of abandoned cart emails yet, there are several ways to improve and achieve the best response, increasing sales:

Add a Personal Greeting

Address customers with a personal greeting and use their name; mention that they were looking at your items or a specific item at a certain time (yesterday, today, an hour ago). Include this information in the email as it can help in completing the purchase. It's challenging to get customers to open and read your emails, so you need to involve them with compelling content in the subject line.

Include Dynamic Content

Always include a link to the item or a photo with a link in your message, maybe even a link to the abandoned cart with selected items. Remind them of the items they viewed, making it easier for them to browse your store and choose items. If you create a sense that the stock of a particular item is limited or available only in this offer and for a limited time, the response will undoubtedly be more reliable.

Send Email Messages in a Series of Multiple Emails

Studies have shown that customers respond more to these messages if you send three abandoned cart notifications instead of just one. With three emails in a series, success increases by 56% compared to sending just one email. Prepare content with varying intensity and convince visitors to make a purchase in three steps. Send the first one within 24 hours, the second and third within a reasonable time—not too soon and not too late. You may need some time to test and determine the optimal time for the second and third messages, but it will pay off in the end.

Convince with a Special Offer

Including an automatic discount for every message can backfire. Customers quickly get used to such benefits, and then they always wait for a special offer from your email for items they intend to buy. Perhaps include an advantage in the form of a quantity discount (offer a certain discount when purchasing multiple items) or a small gift with the order in your offer. If you have the opportunity to test, check what works best and include it in the automated series of abandoned cart messages. It is advisable to include a specific discount in the last message of the series because it is your last chance to convince the customer to make a purchase.

Limit Your Offer in Time

If you give the customer the feeling that a special offer is only available for a short time, they will have to decide and complete the purchase more quickly. You can do this in several ways:

  • Stock expiration: "Hurry up, the stock of items in your cart will run out soon!"
  • Emptying the cart: "Your cart will be emptied within three days."
  • Time limit during holidays: "Order today to have the items by Christmas/Valentine's Day!"
  • Limit the purchase period: "The offer expires tomorrow at 23:59."

The conversion of visitors to customers will jump if you follow the above tips and carefully plan automated abandoned cart messages.

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