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Building a Database and Conducting Contests

Once the online store is set up, the next step is building a contact database, primarily focusing on collecting email addresses and other information from existing or potential customers.

Building a Database and Conducting Contests

Building Customer Base and Genuine Customer Engagement

Establishing a broad network of people is crucial for many businesses, as it can significantly boost your growth. This can be achieved through actions such as contests, rewarding referrals using email or social media. Giving something to potential customers can lead to them giving back even more.

We carefully monitor and measure the impact of such actions. These types of promotions are among the most effective advertising methods.

Building email address databases can be done in various ways. We recommend including as many as possible in your online store. It all starts with building a base with existing customers.

Some examples of actions you can include in your online store:

  • Newsletter sign-up, which should be visible on the entrance page of the online store,
  • Contests,
  • Free e-books or e-manuals,
  • Free webinars,
  • Free samples, testers,
  • Free advice,
  • Coupons for discounts for purchases in the online store,
  • Various contests, and
  • Presence on social networks.

National Contests

Contests are an excellent way to gain a customer base and new contacts, and also have a positive effect on the customer relationship.

With a well-prepared viral marketing strategy, a contest can significantly increase the reach of advertising without a large financial investment. We take care of the general conditions of the contest so that participants can allow receiving e-notifications. The contest can be advertised on various portals and social networks, where users also promote them.

The contest achieves the best effect if supported by other areas of online marketing.

Why is making a contest a smart decision?

Making a contest is an advanced service that increases the base of your potential customers. Facebook is one of the most popular social networks, used by most social network users, making it the medium that reaches the most potential customers or players who will become even more.

national contests

Advantages of creating a contest:

  • acquiring a new potential customer base (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.),
  • increasing the number of visits to your website or store, and
  • drastically increasing the recognition of your brand.

Which types of contests are most often used online?

In principle, clients prefer and most often opt for two types of contests:

  • viral contests,
  • Facebook contests.

Viral games work on the principle of "invite a friend" and spread quickly among online users. With such games, we can be more successful than with regular contests, but the concept of the game itself must be very attractive for friends to respond to the invitation.

Facebook contests leverage the Facebook social network, used by the most social network users. Therefore, this is a medium that reaches the most potential customers or players who will become so.

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