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Related products

Do you know the difference between related items and cross-sell items?

Related products

Related Products

Related Products

With related products, you can offer visitors who are considering purchasing an item additional items that are related to the item they are interested in. These items are typically visible on the page of the searched item, allowing the buyer to immediately see recommended related products. This makes it easy for the buyer to add similar items to their order without additional searching.

Example: When purchasing a digital camera, it would be advisable to offer the user the option to purchase an additional battery, memory card, case, or other item compatible with the selected digital camera.

The offered additional options are usually relevant to the item being purchased, so by providing appropriate recommendations, you can increase the value of the visitor's purchase. This informs the visitor about additional options and provides them with an easy way to make a purchase. Additionally, the user sees that the seller offers a wide choice of additional items. While this may not be relevant to the current purchase, this information remains available to the buyer for future purchases.

Upsell Products

With upselling, you present the customer with alternative items they are already viewing. This gives the customer more information for their purchase and broadens the selection of available items. Factors to consider when selecting upsell products include price, quality, and the popularity of the item.

Upsell Products

Example: If a visitor is looking at a mid-range digital camera, you can offer them a camera of lower or higher price range while viewing the item. Often in such cases, the more expensive item, a higher-quality item, or a popular brand item is highlighted to encourage the customer to make a more expensive purchase. This can increase the average value of the shopping cart. However, the customer may choose a cheaper item and use the price difference to purchase an additional item.

Cross-sell Products

Cross-sell products differ from other related items mainly in the place where they are presented to the customer. These items are not directly related to the selected item in terms of content. Usually, they are lower-value items that make it easier for the customer to decide on an additional purchase.

Cross-sell Products

Example: When selling electronics, retailers often promote items such as extended warranties, cleaning products, or protective gear (protective cases, etc.). These items are typically lower in value but highly desired by customers, making the decision to purchase them relatively easy.

Comparing the above-related items, you can see that they primarily differ in their placement and the choice of related items. The first two related items are usually displayed on the page of the viewed item as upgrades to the item the customer wants to buy. Cross-selling usually involves unrelated items, so they are displayed on the shopping cart page.

Advanced Related Items

You don't have to limit yourself to the prescribed options; you can offer items in other creative ways, such as:

  • Limited-time offers at checkout
  • Customers also bought
  • Recently viewed items
  • Recommended items based on past browsing and purchases
  • Bundle deals

Limited-time offers at checkout

After completing an order, you can make an additional offer and increase sales.

In this case, the technical implementation of such functionality is somewhat challenging but highly effective. The main challenge in integrating it arises because the purchase process is already completed at this stage, so the customer needs to repeat the purchase process for the additional item in the case of online payment. Additionally, it's challenging from a distribution perspective since the system already has the order. If the system is automated and fast, the order may already be in the process of being processed during the additional purchase. Due to these factors, such a purchase is typically time-limited. This avoids additional delivery costs for the item and prevents significant deviations from the original order.

You can justify the extra effort by offering customers items with a larger discount after completing the purchase so that the benefit of an additional order is clearly visible to the customer.

Limited-time offers at checkout

"Customers also bought"

Sometimes, a visitor doesn't exactly know what they want to purchase and is simply browsing items for potential purchase. By displaying items that other customers have bought, you can encourage the desire to buy the viewed items. People naturally tend to follow others and often want things that others have (similar to the saying "the grass is always greener on the other side").

Customers also bought

Recently viewed items

If your store has a large number of items, it's helpful for the visitor to have access to a list of recently viewed items. This makes it easier for them to return to the item they found most suitable. Often, before making a purchase, customers review many items, and they can quickly lose track of their previous selection of viewed items. Consequently, they might give up on the purchase because they no longer remember which items they viewed.

Recommended items based on past browsing and purchases

With advanced algorithms, incorporating artificial intelligence or machine learning, you can provide recommendations for the most suitable items based on the customer's past behavior or the behavior of customers with similar profiles. This can suggest items with a high likelihood of purchase.

Bundle Deals

By displaying bundle deals, you can offer customers a package of items that includes the item they're considering purchasing, along with additional items suitable for the package. You can offer such a package at a reduced price, as the total value of the package is higher, allowing you to have a higher margin.

Examples of Using Related Items (Content and Visual)

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Table of related items for different activities


Selected Item





White T-Shirt

White T-Shirt with Additional Pocket, White T-Shirt with Collar

Pants, Footwear, Jacket

Shopping Bag, Moth Protection


Moisturizing Cream

Moisturizing Cream for Oily Skin, Moisturizing Cream for Dry Skin

Cleansing Gel

Cosmetic Product Testers, Lip Gloss



Winter Tires, Summer Tires

Wheel Bolts

Tire Cleaner


Office Chair

Office Chair with Backrest, Office Chair without Backrest

Office Desk

Mouse Pad

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