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Email Marketing Example Based on a Healthy Food Store

Here are some facts about email marketing highlighted by a healthy food store on their website:

Email Marketing Example Based on a Healthy Food Store
  • 20% of the total sales in the store are generated through email marketing.
  • The store sends two email messages per week to the entire contact database. Although they have a segmented customer and potential customer base, the majority of sent email messages are directed to the entire database.

Two key advantages of email marketing for the store:

  • Cost-effective advertising and informing customers: This is mainly because most mass email marketing tools charge based on the number of email addresses in the database.
  • Analytics - precise measurement of response: Tracking various statistics and the success of executed actions enables easier planning of future campaigns.

The current store database consists of around 50,000 email addresses, collected through three methods:

  • Free e-book with healthy recipes.
  • Online contests.
  • Newsletter sign-ups on the website's entry page.

Five key features of effective and sales-oriented emails that have been proven to work:

1. Grab attention with the subject: The number of people who will open the email depends on the subject. It is crucial that the subject arouses curiosity. Some successful subject lines highlighted by the store as good practices include:

Naslov e-maila Odstotek ljudi, ki so e-mail odprli
Te šale o nadrejenih moraš prebrati 54.40%
Vse najboljše 43.29%
Recept za najboljšo PIZZO 42.34%
Pomagaj mi izbrati barvo sten 40.11%
Končno sem jo dočakala 39.50%

2. Sender must be familiar: Always send email messages under your name (for example, Nastja, Nastja Kramer, or Malinca Nastja) and using your email address.

3. Relevant content: The content should relate to the topics you deal with. The email messages from the store always cover three things: introductory content (news, a short article about healthy eating or a specific food, a question for readers, personal testimony/experience, etc.), a healthy recipe, and a sales promotion.

4. Personal approach and personalization: Communication should be on a friendly level. In the store mentioned in the example, readers are addressed informally, and their names are used in email messages. They are often asked for their opinions on recipes, new projects, their thoughts on a specific food or product, thereby directly involving them in brand building.

5. Avoid photos: The store rarely uses photos in email messages because testing has shown that email messages without photos and other clutter are more readable, clicked on more often, and achieve better sales results. Despite the absence of photos and special design in email messages, they strive for message transparency with short lines, colors, paragraphs, and logical sequences.

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