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Content Preparation

The German writer Joseph von Eichendorff once wrote: "The world sings when you find the magic word."

Content Preparation
  • What to Pay Attention to When Writing Articles?

    Are you selling sneakers, televisions, garden furniture, or cosmetics and struggling to make it to the first search pages on Google?

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  • Content Preparation

    I have already written about the importance of content writing and what we need to pay attention to when writing articles in previous chapters.

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And he was right. Words penetrate, words sell. We understand the importance of the text in every online presentation. We carefully choose and check them, as they need to be inviting and sales-driven. There should be constant activity on the website, so keep the content fresh.

It is advisable for a company to use a business blog and news as a means of communication with customers and partners. Through posts on the website, we engage with visitors and subscribers. All articles must be presented in a way that the reader can quickly understand and comprehend.

Words should be light, sentences short. The quicker the reader understands the text, the greater the chances of purchasing the product.

Quick Guide to Content Preparation

When writing web texts, pay attention to:

  • Highlighting key topics in titles that express the benefits of using the product or service (the title should offer the reader a concise description of the topic with a maximum of three keywords):

  • The text must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.

  • Use words and phrases that convey utility.

  • Avoid long texts and testimonials; under each title, use a maximum of 60 characters to describe the current content.

  • Include keywords suitable for search engines.

  • For additional clarification of the problem or solution, add a clear sketch that illustrates an example of use within the content.

  • Paragraphs or buttons are suitable for a more illustrative overview, but sentences under them should be written with a maximum of seven words.

  • Avoid using ALL CAPS; instead, bold or color-highlight the desired expression to give it more weight.

  • Use left alignment for sales texts.

  • Sentences indicating utility can start with phrases like "Did you know that" or "Have you heard that."

  • Repetitions of phrases are allowed, but only for one phrase per chapter, which can be bold and serve as a link to another subpage.

  • Add practical examples and opinions from real users with their actual names, age, or place of residence.

  • Record the emphasized conclusion of everything described.

  • Only at the end of each chapter write additional questions that guide the reader to the next subpage or offer suggestions, ideas, and questions through a special form. These questions can also be bold or color-highlighted.

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