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Ideas for Increasing Sales in an Online Store - A Case Study

Every online retailer aims to boost sales through their online store, leading to the development of new solutions and modules. With nearly 15 years of experience in the field of online stores, I can hardly recall any entirely new ideas that I haven't used before. However, there are always stores that bring fresh concepts to the table. This time, it's Sensilab, an online store that combines various sales elements in one place. What's even more interesting is that they've built it on the Magento platform, which I'm particularly fond of.

In this post, I will focus on product pages and highlight some key elements that could inspire improvements on your store.

1. Featured Discounts and Quantity Discounts

Each product prominently displays the percentage of discount, immediately capturing visitors' attention. It also shows how much discount you can expect when purchasing multiple items. The price for 1, 2, and 3 pieces is clearly indicated for each quantity. The best choice is also highlighted, encouraging customers to buy in larger quantities, thereby increasing the cart value.

In addition to quantity options, they offer a monthly subscription for products with even greater discounts and free delivery. While subscription systems are not as common in Slovenia, they have become a significant trend abroad, transforming one-time purchases into regular monthly orders.

2. Detailed Product Content

Product content goes beyond short, dry descriptions; it's broken down into various elements. It starts with a brief description and a list of product benefits. Additionally, various attributes like "gluten-free," "made in the EU," "non-GMO," etc., are highlighted, along with emphasizing a 30-day guarantee and a free gift.

It continues with an extensive description divided into multiple sections covering various product advantages. On the right, there's a list of ingredients, instructions for use, and various warnings.

3. Prominent Add-Ons

You'll quickly notice that this is not your typical product page; the "Add to Cart" banner moves along with the screen, making it hard to miss. At the bottom of the page, there's an additional option for ordering products.

4. Customer Reviews

The focus on customer reviews is excellent, as it aids in purchase decisions. Sensilab has a wide collection of reviews for all products, which is quite rare for our market since obtaining customer reviews without additional incentives can be challenging.

The website incorporates the Yotpo system, enabling the display of reviews in an extended manner, collecting reviews, and allowing notifications via email and SMS.

5. Value-Boosting Add-Ons to the Cart

When you add a product to your cart, you'll quickly see a special offer with discounted products and information on how much is left to qualify for free delivery.

This page has many fascinating elements, and browsing it is a real pleasure due to the abundance of different ideas. Right on the product page, you can see that there are plenty of them.

Do you also know an online store that has inspired you? Please share it with us. The more ideas we have at our disposal, the more solutions we can offer to our customers. If you haven't noticed yet, I've also added some Magento modules to the website. Check them out [here](insert link). I plan to add more, and some of them will be completely free.

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My name is Anže, and I am a Magento certified expert in solutions and a creator of multiple award-winning online stores.

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