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Weaknesses of a Magento 2 Online Store

Magento 2 is a powerful e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of features and flexibility for online stores. However, like any software, it has its drawbacks and may not be the best choice for every online store. Here are some weaknesses of using Magento 2, summarized from various websites to cover a wide range of perspectives:

1. Complexity of the Online Store

Magento 2 is a complex platform that requires a steep learning curve for users who are not familiar with it. Setting up and customizing your online store can be challenging, especially for beginners.

If your online store does not have complex requirements and features, Magento 2 may be too complex of a choice. There are simpler platforms available that are equally effective for less intricate needs.

However, if you have ambitions for multiple languages, extensive order volumes, numerous products, and advanced marketing modules, then Magento is one of the few systems that can cover all of this on one platform.

Learning the system and using its features should not be a cause for concern, as there is extensive documentation available, and I have also prepared video tutorials for clients to facilitate easy learning with minimal effort.

2. Costs of Building an Online Store

While Magento 2 offers a free version with an open-source license (Magento Open Source), there are additional costs associated with running a Magento 2 store. You will need to pay for hosting, development, extensions, and maintenance, which can add up quickly.

The most significant monthly cost is typically the hosting of the online store, depending on its scale and functionality. Smaller stores with a few hundred products can enjoy moderate hosting costs, so it's essential to choose the right hosting plan.

The cost of a domain is approximately €14 per year, and maintenance depends on the quality of implementation and the need for additional functionalities.

3. Expertise Required for Development

To fully leverage Magento 2 and customize your store, you may need to hire experienced developers familiar with this platform. This can represent a cost and require long-term support.

A developer needs not only programming knowledge but also experience with the system to properly integrate functionalities. Poorly executed stores that we have to fix due to errors often result from a lack of system knowledge.

4. Extension Costs

While Magento 2 offers an extensive range of extensions, many of the most useful ones are not free. Purchasing and maintaining these extensions can increase your operational costs. Always be mindful of the quality of modules, as malfunction or lack of upgrades can incur additional costs.

5. Slow Performance

Magento 2 can be slower out of the box compared to some other e-commerce platforms. It requires additional efforts for performance optimization, which is crucial for the responsiveness of your online store.

Speed issues are often caused by system operation errors, the use of unnecessary modules, unoptimized images, and inadequate hosting. Proper planning and maintenance of the system can address these issues.

6. Updates and Maintenance

Magento regularly releases updates and security patches. Updating to the latest version can take a lot of time, especially if the store's foundation was not prepared correctly.

System updates bring security enhancements and additional features. Proper planning, testing, and implementing updates are crucial to maintaining security and the efficient operation of the online store.

Are you considering a new online store or an upgrade to an existing one and not sure which solution is right for you? Feel free to contact me; I would be happy to assist you in making a decision.

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